The Girl Who Sang the Night - A Melodic Journey

he stage of the Théâtre du Peigné came alive with a special atmosphere during the performance of "La Fille qui chantait la nuit" (The Girl Who Sang the Night). Anna Renouprez, with her enchanting voice, transported us to the picturesque Paris of the 20th century, evoking an era when cobblestone streets resonated with timeless melodies and tales of passionate and sometimes heart-wrenching love stories.

The show is a stunning fantasy that skillfully blends realistic songs and accordions. It portrays the reality of women in the turbulent Paris of that era. The journey begins in darkness, with a girl emerging to tell and sing stories of disappointed love, nocturnal adventures, and the unique atmosphere of the City of Light. Popular songs like "La Java bleue" and "Mon amant de Saint-Jean" find a special resonance in the hearts of the audience.

The Théâtre du Peigné, with its intimate ambiance and rich history, was the perfect place to host this performance. Every note played by the talented Lionel and David Maulus on the accordion, along with the deep vibrations of Patrick Vassort's double bass, enveloped the room in palpable nostalgia. Gabriel Alloing, through his direction, production, and dramaturgy, captured the essence of that era and portrayed it in a poetic yet realistic manner.

Recommended for audiences aged 10 and above, this 80-minute show without intermission is a true immersion into a bygone Paris, but one whose melodies and stories continue to live on through passionate artists like Anna and her team. If you want to relive the romance of Paris and get lost in the memories of a bygone era, don't miss "La Fille qui chantait la nuit" at its next performance at the Théâtre du Peigné.

Date : 20 Avril 2023

Organizer: La Ferme !

Project: Fantaisie "La Fille qui chantait la nuit"

Location: Théatre du Peigné