Elia ROSE Concert

In the majestic confines of the Théâtre du Peigné, rich in its history and remarkable architecture, the enchanting voice of Elia Rose resonated, adding a new chapter to the legend of this place. For those who were fortunate enough to secure seats that evening, it was a perfect fusion of the charm of the past and contemporary talent.

Since its founding in 1873, the Théâtre du Peigné has witnessed the passage of numerous artists and evolutions. Recently renovated in 2017, it combines the grandeur of yesteryears with modern amenities, making it the ideal venue to host talents of Elia Rose's stature. She, who embodies the essence of 80s pop, found in this theater the perfect setting to express her duality: a gentle woman, reminiscent of rose petals, yet possessing an inner strength.

Elia delivered a memorable performance to the audience of the Théâtre du Peigné, blending her poetic lyrics with modern melodies. Her EP, a result of collaboration with guitarist Lorenzo Di Maio and multi-instrumentalist Cédric Raymond, is a perfect example of this fusion, combining acoustic and electronic sounds.

Beyond her performance, what struck the spectators was the perfect interaction between Elia and the theater itself. The walls, bearing witness to a rich history of art, culture, and renewal, seemed to vibrate to the rhythm of her voice.

The commitment of the Théâtre du Peigné to promote talents like Elia Rose underscores its ongoing mission: to be a platform for the arts and culture, preserving its heritage while welcoming innovation. If you missed this evening, stay tuned, as the theater promises many more memorable nights ahead.

Date : 11 mars 2023

Organizer: Centre Culturel de Verviers

Project: Concert Elia ROSE

Location : Théatre du Peigné